Letter: Bus service leaves passenger All Shook Up

The Arriva single deck bus, number (I think) 4710 left Middlesbrough at 15.20 on Saturday February 6.

The driver was friendly and without blame. Before we had travelled half a mile I felt like singing “Shake, Rattle and Roll” for that’s what the vehicle did over the smallest pothole or road chipping.

The terrible or non-existent suspension gave

us a taste of what was to come.

At one point I searched my chest in case my recent pacemaker had been jolted down to my waist.

Our seats were like paving stones.

If you completed the run to Scarborough you would be mummified with vibration and rolling.

On the A171 past Charltons, the bus seemed to be crawling uphill at 3mph and the slow warning light came on (taking the mick). I was expecting to be asked to get out and push!

I spotted a huge JCB ahead of us and suggested to my wife that we should ask for a tow.

On alighting at Whitby, my behind was like concrete, my lunch all shook up but my pacemaker intact.

Driver, you were a hero!

The Rev John Theobald

West Cliff, Whitby