Letter: Breathtaking performance of Swan Lake

Whitby Pavilion
Whitby Pavilion

It is such a long time since Whitby Pavilion had a professional performance of a full length ballet and the visit of the Vienna Festival Ballet last week certainly put that right.

The whole package was breathtaking.

The scenes for Swan Lake needed the full stage all bathed in light from all directions.

The contrast from happy birthday celebrations and coming of age in a sumptuous palace to the sensuous gloom of the watery forest glade were superbly covered by the lighting technician and the perfect atmosphere was created.

The costumes were stunning, the orchestral sounds clear and effective, the 10 identical swans moved as one and the cheeky character of Benno copying the dance steps brought much fun to the attentive audience who cheered and clapped at appropriate times.

The entire performance was breathtakingly exhilarating and I urge your readers to make a note of their next visit which is on December 1 when they will dance The Nutcracker. Thank you

Elizabeth Cheyne

Well Close Square