Let’s get on with it

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I have a personal interest in it, my grandchildren, and there will be work in it or around it for them very much like Boulby Potash which employs a lot of local people long term.

Common sense tells us initially outside workers will have to be brought in to construct and there may be some inconvenience as construction goes ahead but where it is it will hardly affect any one.

Chris France Head of Planning, I think we should be worried, unfounded statements, even if they are his own personal views about tourism, I have lived in the Parks for the last 30 years and like the man from Sirius have never heard family or friends say they would not come because we have Boulby Potash or trading estates around Whitby, they don’t even know they are there.

And then we have Dalton Peake, another man we should not listen to, a swathe of disruption where the pipe line goes?

I worked at ICI for many years. They put a pipeline in from Wilton to Preston. That’s some project. I defy anybody to point it out. I don’t think it goes anywhere near narrow lanes.

I think the entrance is off the main road which I am sure will have a similar access to Boulby.

Tourism as an excuse is a red herring, let’s face it, lots of visitors come to see the remains of what was a heavily industrialised area. Nobody is going to see it unless they fly over or drive past.

So please let us have these so called responsible people stopped from making up stories because it’s not to their liking.

Thank God the National Parks and these people weren’t around in the old mining days or this country would never have gone anywhere and I know it was slave labour and poor wages but that was the Industrial Revolution.

Bring work back to the Dales.