Lest we forget?

In response to Penny Hodges letter from the gazette Friday 18 November.

I feel I must respond to Mrs Hodge’s letter regarding the WWII weekend.

I personally feel the whole event was a success and definitely feel it does not glorify war.

I liked having the choice of some independent food suppliers at the fayre to supplement the usual items that are available to us in Whitby.

Yes it has no direct relevance to the war but it is adding something to the weekend.

Furthermore Mrs Hodge’s remarks about people not having fun in the war, I think are rather saddening.

The British spirit was something that pulled people together through those terrible times, so yes I do believe people sang songs, had fun and made an effort when they could.

Obviously Mrs Hodge’s parents experience of the ‘real’ war in London has affected her, but please don’t forget that Whitby its self came under attack during the war.

History has to document and record and remind us of the good and the bad times, and rightly so, if people forgot about it then no lessons would be learnt from it, and terrible things like concentration camps were your relatives possibly died might happen again.

Lest we forget?

David Agnew, St Andrew’s Road, Whitby by email