Left with a fond memory

Can I through your newspaper express my sincere thanks to the lady proprietor of the café on the beach at Runswick Bay who, despite being extremely busy coping with a rush of customers, found time to try and discover who owned a set of Honda CR-V car ignition keys which a visitor from Leicester had found on the beach and handed in.

On holiday in the area my wife and I left our car in the car park close to the beach, and having enjoyed exploring lovely Runswick Bay we returned to the car to find a note stuck on a window that read, ‘If you have lost your car keys they have been handed in at the café’.

A quick search of my pockets revealed that I had indeed lost my car keys, and in addition the spare set had been left in our caravan, five miles away.

Had it not been for the thoughtfulness of the café proprietor the loss of the keys would have landed us in a very awkward and worrying situation and the holiday of two elderly folk would have been completely ruined, but the story doesn’t end there.

We discovered that when this selfless lady went to look for a Honda CR-V to stick her note on, she was amazed to find that there were in fact seven identical Hondas in the car park.

At this point, having done her best to find the owner of the keys, she would have been forgiven had she abandoned the search and returned to her busy café; but no, undeterred she laboriously wrote out seven separate notes and stuck them on the windows of the cars.

I did not discover the name of this exceptional lady, but she has left my wife and me with a fond memory of a lovely corner of North Yorkshire.

Bob Orrell, journalist and travel writer, Ponsonby, Seascale, Cumbria by email