Law enforcement ignoring wishes of community

Over the last few years we have seen much money spent on the maintenance and repair of the swing bridge.

To minimise further damage a weight limit was imposed, signs were erected and placed which informs drivers of large vehicles that the limit is in operation.

Other signs on the bridge itself advise motorists that they can not turn right from the bridge onto St Anne’s Staith. A further sign orders motorists not to go along St Anne’s Staith between the hours of 10 am and 4pm, with exemptions for tour buses and taxis, and to cap it all the whole area is controlled by a 20 miles per hour speed limit.

The community you would have thought has done enough to protect its inheritance, and provided stewardship that it will be there for many more years to come, and I would emphasise at a great cost to us the local rate payers who have invested heavily.

The point being, why have we gone to so much trouble, when no one appears to be concerned about the number of tourist coaches and other vehicles over the limit still use the bridge, nor the hundred or so motorists who turn right off the bridge daily and then contravene the order restricting them entering St Anne’s Staithe, or those who wilfully exceed the speed limit.

Surely those concerned with Law enforcement can no longer continue to ignore the wishes of the community who wish to protect their investment.

Have the law enforcement authorities simply become complacent? I would suggest that this is the case, and that neither the police or the council can decide who’s job it is to address the problems.

Can we afford to allow the abuse to continue? The answer can only be no, so come on those of you charged with law enforcement let’s see some action.