Launch appeal to save churchyard and cliff

Nobody seems to appreciate how grave the situation is with regard to the instability of the cliff above Haggerslythe.

For over 40 years I have watched the footpath through the churchyard constantly retreating.
It is fair to say that Frank Meadow Sutcliffe and Bram Stoker would not recognise the place now.

What is urgently needed is for a short term timber structure to arrest any further movement which would cause a landslide on top of Fortunes and the residents of Henrietta Street.
This could then be replaced with a concrete facing similar to what we have here in Scarborough bordering Queens Parade and Blenheim Terrace.

The fact that this will have a detrimental affect on the appearance of this part of Whitby is irrelevant where people’s homes and businesses are at stake.
To fund this critical work ignore SBC and launch a national, nay international since Whitby is twinned with all and sundry, appeal.
We are looking at a national disaster here.

For if nothing is done, I guarantee that within months, week’s even further subsidence will occur and in the long run, Canon Smith won’t have a church to preach in and the Abbey will follow it.

Gerard R Tall

Scholes Park Road, Scarborough.