Lambs to the Potash slaughter

I was wondering if I could reach, through your columns, all of the 350 plus rights holders in the Scarborough to Whitby area along with other concerned parties to open up the discussion of the aftermath of mining.

On hearing of the offer made by Sirius and as a Rights holder myself I was a total sceptic to what appears to be a derisory offer for a commodity of such value.

Then returning from an NFU meeting became cock-a-hoop at the thought of the speculative amounts being talked about in future Royalties. My greedy cap took me over and I even stated to the few members there that I wasn’t concerned about Sirius’ claim to the well being of the area and future jobs so long as I got my cut!

However with various organisations either ringing up or occupying your advertising space, for Rights Holders to sign up with “them” in particular, started the cogs a rolling.

In order to debate this should we not start at the end of mining, somewhere up to 144 yrs away or more probably within today’s children’s lifetime.

1 The Legacy, there will be a huge underground cavity approx 1.1/2 miles down. This begs the question as to what it will be used for postmining. It may be that at postmining times political pressure would be used to force the storage of highly toxic waste. It is my understanding that Sirius want to maintain ownership of the cavity for themselves and for it not to revert back to the rights holders.

My personal opinion is that the cavity should be managed by a non profit making organisation, set up with monies set aside by Sirius, which would distribute all Royalties from waste storage to every Council Tax payer in the area, by-passing the council coffers of course. Because it is the property occupiers who will suffer the potentially huge drop in value of their properties and potential effect on the local economy.

2 On the question of values the IRS will probably have their say on the death of the property owner, attaching “HOPE” value to the royalties expected, years before they mature. The taxes of which could well exceed actual eventual revenues owing to fluctuating world prices.

3 We will not be able to discuss like this once signed up because of Gagging clauses

4 You will get a tag clicked into your ear in the form of a Land Registry note saying you have signed. What will this do to your property values with future purchasers?

Hopefully by now those that attend markets will see my direction, after tagging in front of the auctioneer your credentials are passed to the solicitor who verifies we are fit and then we are delivered for slaughter to the miners.

All well and good you say if you have obtained a fair market price but did you notice when you ran around the ring: There was only one bidder in the Gallery! At least let’s take time to find at least one more during this PANIC to sign up.

If all Rights holders form a consortium together then we can negotiate creditable terms for all, including our non rights holding neighbours. Together we hold the balance of access to the sea and mineheads etc. Hopefully we will see no “Maverick” signings.

If anyone supports these views and wishes to seek out further bidders and experienced negotiators then I’d like to hear from you 07775711865 or wife’s email <>

Dave Pattinson, Fylingdales, Whitby by email