Lack of seating in the town

The other day when we went down to town in boiling hot weather the old bridge shut, so we could not go across.

There were great crowds also waiting to cross also.

The real point I am trying to make is that at one time there was three benches for people to sit on for quite a long time near where Holland and Barratt is and now there is only one, why?

Also when you leave the bridge on the right hand side going along Pier Road, there’s not one seat, in fact there are none until you get the Indian shop.

When the town is so full like it was and plenty of disabled people struggling to walk and not even able to take a minute or two to rest, I just can’t understand.

Altogether throughout Whitby there are a lot less benches for people to have a rest on than there ever was.

So what’s happening?

The town is just going to pot. Can something be done to help this matter please?

Mrs J Thornton

Church Street, Whitby