For some time now I have been involved with a charity called Knit–a–Square.

This is a family-run charity for which I, and many other people world-wide, knit or crochet eight inch squares which are then sent to South Africa to be sewn together to make blankets for the hundreds of orphans there.

Knit–a–square recently came to the attention of the marketing director of the international fashion and home-ware chain, Jigsaw.

She was most impressed and has said that any squares handed in to their stores will be shipped out free to South Africa.

This is a fantastic offer, but the nearest store is in Stonegate, York.

I am not able to travel to York, but if anybody else who is unable to hand them in personally would like to bring them to me here in Scarborough, I would be willing to send them to Jigsaw’s headquarters in London, or to a collection point near York.

This offer lasts only until Christmas, after which postage to South Africa will become the responsibility of the knitters once again, unless, of course, another benefactor should come forward!

KAS is extremely grateful to Jigsaw for this very generous offer. Let’s make the most of it!

Belinda Robson, Red Scar Lane, Scarborough YO12 5RH by email