Keep on writing

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Having waited five weeks for a reply to my letter to Scarborough Borough Council regarding our piers.

I have waited in order to pass on to all readers the council’s answer. I have now come to the conclusion that there will be no reply.

Now then, His Holiness The Pope replies, the Queen replies, as did the late Princess Diana. Also three different prime ministers, the Lord Advocat, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Pensions, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Minister of Fisheries and all my friends and relatives all reply.

Not so Scarborough Borough Council.

Had they took note of the late Tom Roe’s letter around 15 years ago when he wrote, not only of the dangerous state of our piers, but also the estimated cost of repair (no note taken).

The cost would have been considerably lower, also there was more than a few bob around at that time.

Hence I have nothing to report from the powers that be regarding our piers.

Piers that keep the lower part of Whitby safe from the ever hightening winter seas.

We must keep on writing, fighting, shouting and praying until the powers that be listen and act.

Mary Marsden Storr, Runswick Avenue, Whitby