Junction is accident magnet

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I write about the accident reported in Friday’s (11 February) Whitby Gazette. My comments are as follows.

That junction is as predictable an accident magnet as I have ever seen.

Turning right out of Love Lane to go towards where it was proposed to build “our” Tesco is a nightmare at the best of times, lethal in the Tourist season or depth of winter - we have traffic coming from our left over the brow of a hill, others exiting and entering the Spar petrol station/shop, a lay-bye opposite, traffic entering another entrance and exit for the Spar shop & petrol station, a pedestrian crossing and the entrance/exit for LiDL supermarket.

With so many checks to make before turning right, and so many checks necessary for other road-users in turn to make, therefore so many distractions at this point it amazes me we haven’t had such an accident here before.

Of course, we must have sympathy for the deceased and his bereaved family and friends, but there is another tragedy here - the driver of the car that caused the accident has to live with this, but when blame is apportioned for this I really hope it is shared between the causing driver and the air-brained muppet who designed the layout, and the one who passed the plans for LiDL and the Spar/Petrol Station.

Let us not forget that in developments such as we have had here it is routine for police to be asked for their comments on a proposed development’s impact upon Road Safety. What were those comments? Were there in fact any comments made? Were they ever asked for? We need answers from all involved in the planning processes for each of the two main developments here and if necessary we need to examine the competence of both designers and planners, and any relationship between them.

Keith Dixon by email