Jumbulance Trust cares

It was really nice to meet you all in North Yorkshire when we visited you last week with the Jumbulance at St Leonard’s Hospice, York and St Catherine’s in Whitby and Scarborough.

I hope that you all have a better understanding of what the Jumbulance Trust can offer and the possibilities it offers to both your patients and their families (in the sense of safe travel and where needed respite for the other family members).

It also holds great opportunities for your staff to look beyond their normal work as it is an extension of good palliative and supportive care abiet given voluntarily.

For the members of the York and Area Carers’ forums who travelled to and from Scarborough with us on Wednesday I hope it opened up some ideas for future travel.

To be a balanced group it is good to have both people who can still mobilise with limited care needs and those who are wheelchair bound with a higher degree of dependency.

The nearest groups to you are Cynthia Huby in Scunthorpe (going to Lourdes this year) and Angela Kennedy in Wakefield (going to the Austrian Tyrol this year) - their details are at the end of this letter.

Both are nurse/group leaders running their own groups.

With three hospices and carers’ groups in the North Yorkshire area I am sure a group could be formed.

Both Cynthia Huby and I would be happy to accompany any group on its first trip.

Insurance for sick or disabled person with any condition on these holidays is £42. It does not include cancellation but most people would not go unless they were stable so it is rarely an issue.

Jumbulance and hotels have to be paid for and it is necessary to either pay all the costs (split between the group) or do some fund-raising to reduce the costs.

Our trips average about £750 per eight day holiday – cheaper than a week’s respite in a nursing home, where it can easily be double that (certainly where we live in the South of England).

It is good use of your Respite allowance if you can get it.

My book The Accessible Holiday Guide (which you should all have copies of by now) has a whole chapter with names and contact details of lots of charities that will fund respite breaks, which I use regularly, for people who need help funding holidays, and for funding carers.

I do hope we can look forward to holidays for your patients and clients becoming a reality by next year and that we can open doors for people for whom there are not always many options left.

Christine Chisholm, Trustee Jumbulance Trust and Nurse Group Leader Berks Hants Jumbulance Group, Oakfield, Farley Chamberlayne, Romsey, Hants, SO51 0QR 01794 368250

Cynthia Huby, Nurse/Group Leader, Scunthorpe Jumbulance Group, 20 Rowan Crescent, Bottesford, Scunthorpe, DN16 3QU 01724 347143

Angela Kennedy, Nurse/Group Leader, West Yorkshire Jumbulance Group, Lovell View, Crofton, Wakefield, WF1 1TA 01924 863415