It’s a weird old world

Front page headline again Friday 16 March, concentrating on the maligned seagull.

“People who feed seagulls should go to prison?” - But drug addicts who sell drugs should not? Weird old world.

Why are the seagulls so ravenously hungry? Mickleby tip food dump has been closed by Scarborough Borough Council. The seagulls no longer have access to their main food source. Was this considered before Mickleby Tip Food Dump was closed? The problem this would cause to the wild birds of Whitby?

Plus, no longer fish being thrown to them by the fishermen?

It is an important matter for the Royal Protection Society for Birds to think about, work on and decide the correct route.

Not for those town councillors to decide, who are already obviously biased, if they can very wrongly label our wild seabirds as ‘flying vermin’. It is disgraceful and the cause of bullying, cruelty and ill treatment amongst those people who they do this to our seagulls.

Your newspaper and all the broadsheets etc, tell us all the time to feed and care for our wild birds.

Garden birds species sadly depleting in high numbers due to climate change and environment etc. Most stores selling plentiful supplies of wild bird feed everywhere. People caring for wild birds in their gardens, yards, etc in the freezing cold wintertime.

Are seagulls expected to know that food meant for hungry garden birds such as the hedgerow sparrows whose numbers are depleting rapidly, as others, is not for ravenous seagulls?

So, people kindly caring for all wild birds will go to prison or be heavily fined?

Caroline Jelaffne, Rose and Crown Yard, Whitby