It’s a duty to attend march through town

After writing to the Gazette on the topic of an Armed Forces parade through Whitby back in January and the clear lack (at the time) of town council support towards such an event I was, of course, delighted to read that the Town Council were now backing the idea.

Many people spoke to me after the letter was published and, not surprisingly, all were in favour of a march through the town.

There are a surprising amount of ex-servicemen and women in Whitby and I would say most residents have some kind of connection to the armed forces in one way or another.

We, the residents of Whitby, should be thankful for a council that listens to the people and I applaud our new mayor for saying that he envisages “a spectacular event”.

It is now our duty to do as Coun Freeman says and “turn out in droves” to support our armed forces who carry out their arduous duties with pride and without complaint.

Neil Salter, Oswy Street, Whitby by email