Isolated in Stainsacre

We are still to be isolated in Stainsacre, then have to walk about a mile or more with our shopping to reach the village from either direction if we use the 93 Bus Service.

Which means getting off the bus at Homebase stop or at Hawsker, then cross the very busy A171.

Who in their right minds expects the elderly, disabled and children to do this with out mishap?

Where are our councillors, MPs, parish councillors etc, or are they as the bus company just passing the book, or is it a case of I’m alright Jack I’m inboard meaning they all have cars unlike a lot of people of this village.

What happened to the petition signed by all the villagers?? or was that thrown in the waste paper basket or fallen on deaf ears.

Yes we have Esk Valley buses four times a day which we have had for about two years now and are very grateful for.

We did ask Esk Valley if they could extend their bus service to us but they said they were not allowed to put any more buses on more than we already have.

Even one bus an hour through the village from Arriva would have been acceptable ,or extend Eskdale Park service to take in Stainsacre which would only take five to ten minutes more.

If all else seems to have failed we think now is the time to get the television interested in our plight.

H&J Smith, Stainsacre, Whitby by email