Is there an answer to the cobbles?

Much has been written recently on the subject of cobbled streets under the Scarborough Borough Councils care, with reference to the problems caused to the disabled and general public at large.

Had these replacement cobbles been laid correctly in the first place, none of these problems would have arisen.

Staithes cobbled High Street before the tearing up of perfectly good cobbles (which were sold incidentally) and replaced by the inferior ones in place today.

They bear no resemblance to the original grey ones of my youth in Staithes and which when they had to be taken up to get access to water mains etc and were replaced by two local council employees.

We never had any problems, you wouldn’t have known they had been disturbed during the laying of the current cobbles.

I used to despair as I watched our lovely grey cobbles being replaced so haphazardly with the unsightly things we have today.

They did not even improve in workmanship as they worked their way from the seafront to the bottom of Staithes bank.

If Whitby’s Church Street was laid by the same company little wonder it is presenting problems today.

Even I, a perfectly able bodied person, making my way down our high street as I frequently do on my trips to the seafront, I walk in the rain gutter to avoid any accident.

No I don’t want tarmac either, as that type of surface in the strong damp sea air, would very quickly become pitted and potholed and very unsightly and would be a bigger hazard than the present cobblestones and certainly not enhancement to our lovely little village.

Surely in the year 2012 there must be an answer. Anyone out there with any ideas why don’t you pass them on to the appropriate authority in charge? You never know somebody might listen and take action, to remedy this much discussed problem.

Winifred Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes