Investing in the locals

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I’m impressed with the plans for the old derelict Hoggarth’s site.

It’s fantastic news that sympathetic developers will be working on it.

It’s a shame the original building has to come down, but the builders will be striving to replicate it - which is wonderful for the town.

Where I live we’ve lost most of our beautiful buildings, they never learn - only last week another listed building was smashed up to make way for more depressing glass/concrete boxes, for the university; our city centre gets uglier every year - so it’s lovely to know some developers do have a soul.

It’s great that it will be housing.

I hope some, if not all, of those homes will go to locals to live in - not yet more holiday lets.

There’s already more than enough ‘investment properties’ while residents are left out in the cold; it’s time to start investing in the locals.

Sarah Maller

Nursery Road, North 
Anston, Rotherham