Inspired to look for Dog Lane

The at a glance column in the Gazette of May 17 had a little bit of the history of Green lane ending with it going over Spital Bridge.

This reminded me of something I read in RT Gaskin’s History of Whitby.

In it he describes a somewhat disorderly gathering which, once a year on Assension Day, followed the clergyman and church wardens on their perambulating tour round the parish. From the Abbey plain across the top of the Almshouse close, along the path leading to Green Lane and Dog Lane, down to the Harbour side, across in lighter and over the remaining portion of the boundary to the top of Flowergate the excited procession swept.

As they went laughing,shouting along, the clergyman cast behind him, pins, laces, biscuits and copper coins, the scramble for which was the cause of boundless emulation and merriment amongst the crowd.

Then for the parish officials, there was a dinner and the day’s procedings were as might be expected, by an entry in the church warden’s book for expenses incurred. In 1792 it read Laces 12s.6d, Pinns 7s.6p, Biskets 4s copper 6s but the dinner for the worthies cost £3 3s.

This lovely piece of Whitby history made me go to look for Dog Lane. It winds down from the old Scarborough road to the Harbour side, it seems to have been abandoned by North Yorkshire County Council or Scarborough Council. Someone has built a large new wooden fence across the bottom of it and it’s falling into disrepair.

This could be a great challenge for the teams clearing and building footpaths and form an entrance to the riverside walk.