Inside and outsider’s point of view

Whitby is a wonderful vibrant town.

We love it. But here’s the ‘but’.

There is such a lack of maintenance and general care by the authorities, it is staggering to witness.

Passing the buck from one council to the other is the most usual and best excuse.

Recently a hand rail, up steep steps leading to residential houses, broke.

A simple repair job. Have we been able to get this fixed? Oh no.

Scarborough council says its Whitby Town Council and vice versa.

Now down to the serious matter of dogs’ mess. It is truly disgusting. Why is nothing done about it?

Just fine people, make a big issue of it, people will soon catch on.

I don’t know anywhere else with such a big, big problem.

Ann Jeffreys, holiday home owner, Hennessy Close, Bristol.