Infuriated by lack of action

Reading your report on the closure of the west pier in the Friday’s Gazette and Scarborough’s lack of action really infuriated and saddened me.

Scarborough Borough Council is just trying to pass the buck, and bringing in English Heritage just adds to the confusion and provides another reason for slow action or no action.

Millions have been spent in Scarborough while Whitby has been overlooked and ignored.

The lights on the west pier have been covered with blue plastic for months with a note of apology from SBC, how long before they are repaired.

And now the extension has been closed as well.

All they seem to be doing is coming up with excuses and reasons why the repairs won’t be carried out.

Will it join the east pier and also be left to rot and then closed completely.

The piers are Whitby and are known the world over, they should not be ignored and repairs should be done now and not later.

There was a report in the same paper entitled “Invitation to coastal forum” about a variety of coastal issues to be discussed at an annual conference - including a £23 million pound pot of money which will be available to seaside communities from next year.

The North Yorkshire and Cleveland Coast Forum was held at the Woodland Centre in the Crescent, Scarborough at 9.45am, on Friday 16 September.

I wonder if anyone from Whitby was there because I didn’t read about it in my local Whitby Gazette until 10.30am on the Friday.

Whitby needs action now to save our piers before it is too late!

Hilary Dawson, Sandgate, Whitby