Rip-off Whitby indeed

Regarding Whitby Gazette, 12 April, page 19, three cheers, a gold star and six merits to Ian Dixon – ‘rip off Whitby’.

At last someone else complaining other than myself regarding high prices in Whitby.

I will cut Ian’s letter out with his permission (when I contact him) and will send both his and my letter to the Minister of Consumer Affairs. We two, Ian and I, have had enough. Exorbitant price rises commence each holiday season.

Oh yes, and I also hear visitors complaining constantly.

Why is fruit and veg more expensive here? Why are other food provisions more expensive here? Why is the butcher, the baker, the candlemaker more expensive here? Although I will stress that Father Pat has not increased the price of candles at St Hilda’s RC Church. Why are property, hotels, restaurants, apartments and cottages more expensive here?

Why is fish more expensive here? Fish and chips is a luxury we can rarely afford. Used to be a cheap meal as did ‘toad in the hole’ and ‘cottage pie’.

Ah, we know all about inflation, but Whitby as much as we love her, is acquiring a very bad name.

I’ll give it five years and as beautiful and quaint as she is, the crowds of holidaymakers, sightseers and weekly tourists will cease.

They are all getting wise, refusing to be ripped off and with the collapse of our fishing industry it’s the tourists, holidaymakers, visitors Whitby now turns to.

Not much spondulix about is there? Well there is, but it’s in the wrong place and the wrong hands. Five years from now Redcar, Saltburn, Staithes and Middlesbrough will be boom towns. Whitby will be left high and dry. Where will the blame lie? Think about it. People are not going to endure being ripped off much longer.

Most folk these days haven’t got two shillings to rub together.

While me, I have sufficient money to last me the rest of my life, providing I die next Monday.

Then the pension is drawn. Share out commence. Roof, electric, gas, phone, water rates, Christmas Club, church candles and Bob’s your mother’s brother.

Are you going to line your pockets or make a U-turn?

Oh, one more thing.

The Ministry of Pensions allotted me £25 this week (cold weather payment) as I am in receipt of pension credit.

Unfortunately I have to pass almost all this amount over to Scarborough Borough Council which claims this to remove one sofa and one chair which was just about breaking my already arthritic back.

I had saved up, then won £45 at bingo, hence purchased sofa and chair the Network charity furniture shop, only £65, and guess what?

Scarborough Borough Council requires £22 to remove these two items.

Hence, can’t turn my heating up as poor old Scarborough Borough Council needs my cold weather payment.

Now had I lived in Middlesbrough this service would be free of charge. You may ask why? Middlesbrough Council is predominantly Labour. They also have a Labour MP. Wonder what the Minister of Pensions would say if he knew I had to hand over my cold weather payment to Scarborough Borough Council?

Well I am 20 years young with 60 years experience and I say ‘by gum’. And they called Al Capone a criminal.