Incredulity at council’s attitude

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As a part time resident of Whitby I feel obliged to express my dismay and incredulity at Scarborough Council’s attitude towards the safety of passengers alighting the Elizabeth Steam Bus on Pier Road.

If the council is so concerned about the safety of pedestrians on Pier Road, why do they not enforce the prohibition of access to non-essential vehicles as indicated via signs at the entrance to Pier Road?

I myself have been endangered on more than one occasion by cars driving too fast along this road and wonder why they need to drive down the road at all?

Surely a ban on all vehicles, apart from delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles and disabled drivers, would ensure the safety of all pedestrians on the Pier Road and allow the steam bus to operate without hindrance and to continue to be a more tourist attraction in the town.

Howard Bailey of Sandfield House Farm Campsite, Sandsend