Incensed by prom comments

I had to write in response to the letter sent into “The Write Stuff” in Friday’s Gazette with regards to the resent Caedmon and Eskdale Proms.

I am incensed at what this person wrote, how dare they judge. For your information not all pupils go on to Whitby Community College. The teenagers at Eskdale were in fact saying goodbye to a very important and influential person who has helped guide them along (with the other excellent teaching staff), Mark Taylor their headmaster who is leaving the school to start a new post in September.

My daughter is definitely not over indulged and I and my husband certainly do not have missed placed pride in our children, in fact we are extremely proud of our daughter who has worked exceptionally hard to gain excellent grades already passing a GCSE modular maths exam with an A* result as result as well as taking other GCSE exams to which we are still awaiting the results. She also gives up her Saturday and Sunday mornings to volunteer at a local Animal Rescue Centre.

While some parents may have felt pressure to compete with other parents, I and I know my daughters friends parents did not, and they all looked wonderful in their chosen outfits and as I was there for the end of the Eskdale prom I can confirm that the kids were not at all worried about spilling anything as they were all too busy saying goodbye to wonderful teachers and a fantastic school.

Yes I agree that children seem to grow up very fast these days but these kids are not five years old and neither are they in the fantasy world of film and we are not living in the 1960s.

From September these kids have got to work exceptionally hard to gain the highest marks they can to be able to compete in a world where life is not a bed of roses, so why not let them have a bit of good safe clean fun in a safe environment where they are not being judged and can feel a little more grown up.

As to flesh being on show and short dresses you can walk down the street on a sunny day and see the same amount, the only difference is the person is wearing shorts and a vest top. Every decent parent wants what’s best for their child and it’s their opinion that counts when it comes to what their child wears and what they think is appropriate, not yours.

Mrs D Hodgson, Middlewood Close, Fylingthorpe