Incensed at headline

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Having spoken to several of my neighbours in Hermitage Way, we are all incensed at your headline in Friday’s Gazette dated 11 February - ‘Sleights has the highest crime outside Whitby’.

We would all like more details of the crimes in Hermitage Way as all of us are unaware of any of them.

A headline such as this does not give a true reflection of the kind of area we live in and won’t do any favours to the people who are selling their properties - not I hasten to add because it is such a crime riddled area.

J Allison, Hermitage Way, Sleights

Ed note: The information was taken from the newly launched Home Office website as stated in the article.

It is available to the public who can type in their street, village, town or city and find out how many crimes were recorded for that area in December 2010 and under what categories they have been classed.