Inaccuracies in Rohilla article

I would like to address the recent article published surrounding wreck of the Rohilla written by Maureen Robinson.

As the author of the article ‘writes for the Scarborough Evening News’ and presumably resides in the region it is quite a shame that her article contains a number of clear mistakes.

The first thing that strikes me though is the second picture at the top of the page which is listed as being the remains of the wreck at Saltwick Nab, the picture is of such a poor quality that it ought not to have even been used. The wreckage shown is actually nothing to do with the Rohilla at all, and is in fact the remains of the Admiral von Tromp lost off Black Nab in 1976.

Despite what Ms Robinson states, at the time of the ship’s loss the Rohilla was not carrying any passengers.

I also find it unbelievable that Ms Robinson believes the lifeboat made only one successful journey to the stricken ship. Whilst Ms Robinson writes “a second journey would be suicidal” the John Fielden did indeed make a second journey taking off a further 18 people, only then was it agreed that the damage to the lifeboat deemed it to be of no further use.

The Middlesbrough lifeboat referenced at the bottom of the page implies that it was painstaking too risky to be launched, however the lifeboat was launched but it sustained damage in the gale force seas and was eventually towed back to Middlesbrough by a trawler.

My other concerns about the article could be considered personal deliberations; it does though beg the question of whether the article author had checked her reference material for accuracy.

Colin Brittain, Whitby by email