In pursuit of profit

Last week I received a phone call from a journalist working for a German television channel.

He said he couldn’t understand why there hasn’t been more criticism and objection about the proposed mine in the North York Moors National Park. I said I didn’t understand either.

The question is about the violation of the park itself, which is supposed to be protected.

Millions of people come here every year to enjoy the park and its surrounds and create thousands of jobs in tourism. Local people should have no doubt that Sirius Minerals are here for one thing, which is their own profit and I hardly think this mine will cure the economic problems of either this area or of the whole country.

I wonder if local people have considered the roads which will be clogged with heavy vehicles, or the chemicals which are used in mining, or a proposed pipeline which is supposed to carry away the crude deposits.

It seems people are obsessed with sustainability in economic terms, in order to sustain a material way of life which is no longer sustainable. The earth is in crisis because we are destroying ecosystems at an insane rate, in pursuit of profit, like children who keep raiding the larder with no thought for tomorrow.

We are supposed to be guardians of the natural world, not its destroyers. I believe that if the government gives the green line to go ahead with a mine inside the national park, which is supposed to be protected from industry and exploitation for future generations, then we will have crossed one of the last lines which protect what is left of our natural world.

R Rylands, Grosmont, by email