Ignorance isn’t bliss

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Five years ago, my neighbour and I visited wonderful Whitby at Easter.

I had just finished radio therapy for breast cancer and she had a new knee so we needed a break.

Not feeling too well, I queued in Boots The Chemist for pain killers.

I stood beside a tall lady who was enquiring about daily tablet boxes.

They were very busy and when the assistant asked what I needed I told her.

At this point, a small lady, whom I had not and could not see because of the tall lady said “I was next in the queue”.

I apologised and said that I didn’t know she was there but she said “you’re ignorant!”

I was so upset that I cried for days. I had never been called ignorant before, or since, but I genuinely could not see her.

Every time I’ve visited Whitby since, I have thought of this but I had no way of apologising to her or of buying her a bouquet of flowers, until now!

My neighbour gave me a Whitby Gazette, so I can finally apologise to the lady in the queue.

I hope that she remembers the incident. I imagine that she won’t call everyone ignorant but it is a long time ago.

J Hill, Redcar