If you don’t like it - go elsewhere!

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I agree with the photo ban at St Mary’s - it is a graveyard, not a theme park.

It’s just annoying that in our age, some people are so clueless about how to behave or to even begin to think about considering others, that someone has to actually intervene to enforce basic respect.

Goths do bring cash into Whitby, but that isn’t a reason to allow a minority of them, or anyone, to disrespect the place.

I also agree with Susan Barlow’s reply to J Wood, (who seemed to have been complaining about seagulls and lack of parking in Sandgate - 14 October).

Surely if you move to the heart of Whitby, you do so because you like it, not because you want to start changing/ruining it? If you don’t want seagulls and lots of parking, go live in a typical, ugly, concreted, car-filled inland city. Don’t go moving somewhere so wonderfully beautiful and unique, then try to spoil that by changing it to being like everywhere else in the UK. It’s obviously the complainer who needs to change course, not Whitby.

PS - if J Woods wants to do a house swap, let me know. I’d love to live in, and fit in with, Whitby!

Ms Amy Denby, Greystones Grange Road, Sheffield, by email