Human litter worse than dog dirt

As a regular visitor to this part of the world, I am getting a little annoyed at the hysteria and constant sniping in your letter pages about dog fouling, whilst very little is said about the amount of human fouling in the form of tins, bottles, chip boxes, cigarette packets etc, discarded by many, that disfigure your towns and countryside.

I am a responsible dog owner who always picks up, and whilst I do agree that dog dirt can be a problem, but compare next time you are out, the amount of dog dirt you see in comparison to this human waste. I will wager anyone that I could find at least 10 pieces of human litter to any one piece of dog dirt.

Walk the streets of Whitby. Walk the coastal path to Sandsend. Walk the footpath from Ruswarp to Whitby. It is truly an epidemic and for me, frankly, spoils a good walk. Dog dirt does degrade. Tin cans and plastic bottles do not. Go onto the beach after a family day out and see the rubbish that is left. Dogs do not carelessly discard broken bottles so that the next unfortunate family to visit may suffer a nasty cut or worse, so there are health issues associated with both problems.

It seems that many of your correspondents are totally oblivious and blind to the amount of the latter, but focused on the former. Has the amount of litter that surround us all, somehow made it the norm.

We should all work for zero tolerance on both issues, so that when I go out I can enjoy a lovely litter free environment and your dog dirt fanatics can enjoy the same.

From: Mr T Holman, Gold Street, Podington, Northants