How is stealing a ‘joke’?

I was reading through the Gazette on Saturday and got to page 19 and saw the story titled ‘I wanted to teach Top Gear stars a lesson’.

How is stealing a ‘joke’?

The young people in this town get plenty of stick without people saying it was them who ‘robbed’ the TV presenters.

If I were to go into a shop and steal something and then say it was a ‘joke’ should I be let off without being punished?

I assumed Mr Chayter took the cigarettes by leaning through the window but he clearly states that he actually got into the car.

This is invading someone’s personal space and actually stealing someone’s property and it can not be described as anything less than THEFT.

If this chap walks away scott-free, I will be appalled.

If it had been a 15 year old who had done it he would have been dragged through the courts, given a fine, an ASBO and a criminal record.

Just because Jeremy Clarkson and James May are TV personalities does not make it ok.

If I were a member of his family, I would be deeply embarrassed.

L Wardill, Whitby by email