Hospital ruined

Abbey ruin - that is what the hospital looks like it is going to be. I think it’s disgusting what is happening to our hospital.

What is to become of our parents and grandparents who fought for our country?

What chance have they got of being looked after properly?

Not a very good one if we don’t have a hospital ward where they can receive 24-hour care.

I fear this care in the community project is doomed - just like our hospital.

We are supposed to live in a country that is caring about our people, from what I know of caring in the community, it does not give 24-hour care, just half an hour here and there.

I don’t think the Government are willing to fund this service. We would need a massive amount of nurses or carers for that matter to give these poor old people what they deserve.

Whitby does not have the manpower to look after Whitby and surrounding areas, the cost would be too much.

If we kept our hospital open at least we would take some of the pressure off those who work in the community. If we are honest with ourselves we know that we as carers would love to be able to commit ourselves totally to the care we give, but we all have other commitments as we have our families at home to care for.

Mrs H Mainwaring, Larpool Crescent, Whitby