Hospital not fit for purpose

I read with interest the front page of the Whitby Gazette on Friday 23 September.

Whitby hospital is not fit for the 21st century. Whose fault is that? Who has allowed it to run to seed rather than keeping it well maintained? Certain it is that Whitby people have not boycotted it, they have been redirected, often protestingly, to other venues when they would rather be treated at Whitby. Then, naturally, the Whitby hospital has become underused, leading to cries from the authorities that there are not enough patients at Whitby to justify services being available there. Why? Why would they rather trundle sick, elderly or lame patients around the countryside, than treat them where they live, where they have been used to being cared for, for many years.

We are told that there is to be a new purpose built hospital on a brownfield site on the edge of town. Great! But in ten years time!

Surely the sensible thing is to get back the use of our hospital in the meantime, even if it means spending a bit of money on it, money that should have been spent instead of letting it get into a state where it could be declared “Not fit for purpose”.

We are told that it is policy to build a new hospital, before closing down the old one. Are we supposed to believe that the powers that be will allow the large prime site currently occupied by the Memorial Hospital, to stand empty for ten years while they build a new hospital.

Come on, bring the loved and trusted hospital up to a respectable standard, of which you have no need to be ashamed, Then make provision for the new one. We expect those in authority to look after the public, wouldn’t you feel a lot better if you felt you were doing just that, rather than raising their anger at every turn?

Bill Baker, Whitby, by email