Horrified at closure of piers

Horrified to see in your on-line edition of the closure of the West Pier extension.

So now Whitby has both east and west pier extensions closed. What a damning condemnation of Scarborough Borough Council’s utter contempt for anything to do with the Whitby region.

I may have lived in Melbourne for over half my life but I still take a strong interest in what is happening to the town in which I was born and raised. I have two sisters who still reside in Whitby and the more I hear from them about Scarborough’s lack of concern for Whitby the more I despair.

Isn’t it about time that the people of Whitby got together and divorced themselves from the self-styled “queen of spas” or at least demanded that all the money that is raised from Whitby by the SBC is spent in Whitby and not in Scarborough?

Oh and by the way, when are they going to fix the harbour bridge properly?

Stephen N McCabe, Australia by email