Horrific to see Whitby falling down

I’m heart-broken about the scenes at Aelfleda Terrace, both on TV and your website - I know most were holiday-lets and I can see there’s too many, at the expense of local’s housing - but they were still an invaluable addition to the  beauty and history of Whitby; only last week I was admiring them, with one of best views in Whitby/ the World, wishing I could live there.

With the technology we have now, they could be saved but sadly demolition is the cheaper, easier route for SBC - Is there any chance they will be rebuilt, with pile-driven foundation, in the same style? (like the handsome new builds above the kipper shop, maybe even some rented/sold to locals) - If Yorkshire Water are found to be at fault, maybe they could finance it?

Whatever happens it’s horrific to see Whitby falling down and totally unnecessary in the 21st Century - if only Whitby had the money it deserves.

Best wishes to the poor lady who lost her home, I can only imagine how bad she feels.

Jo Middleton, Stubbs Crescent, Rotherham, by email