Homophobic bigots?

I am responding to a recent Gazette article in which the Same-Sex Marriage Bill was welcomed and our MP’s opposition to the bill was criticised.

Robert Goodwell can ably defend himself, but I have seen very little explanation of why many of us do not welcome the concept of same-sex marriage.

Marriage from time immemorial has been a unique relationship of man and woman, reflecting the complementary nature of our humanity - male and female.

The present definition of marriage is as true to human nature as it always has been: “the voluntary union of one man and one woman for life to the exclusion of all others.” This is equal marriage in which man and woman play and equal part, loving each other through thick and thin “till death us do part”. Conjugal union results in the birth of children who are brought up by their mother and fther.

The family is the bedrock and cement of society, widening into a network of kinship which benefits the whole community. Whitby is particularly witness to that truth.

There are other very valuable human relationships, but none are marriage, which is a unique relationship. This was understood when civil partnerships for same sex couples was introduced in 2005.

Lord Filkin for the government said: “the government believes that marriage should only be possible between people of opposite gender”. Civil partnership gives same sex couples rights equal to married couples.

I am concerned that those who oppose the concept of same sex marriage are labelled as homophobic bigots when we are simply striving to preserve a unique institution from being undermined. Make no mistake, if the bill becomes law, any school teacher who tell schildren what I am saying, will be removed from post.

Are we really bigots to say that marriage should remain the same as it has been for thousands of years?

Richard Atherton, Ruswarp Lane, Whitby