Highlighting the plight of Staithes beach

Well good for you Mike Turnthorpe, Bradford (good question) for bringing to public notice the plight of our once clean beautiful Staithes beach.

We once had a lovely clean beach, not very big on par with Whitby, but a beach to be proud of, during the summer months cleaned up by a local man, employed by then Whitby urban council on a daily basis.

I should know I was born into one of the Verrill fishing families and grew up in Staithes 1940s/50s.

Our beach was clean with crystal clear water, lovely to swim in at high tide.

A lovely pool left behind at low tide where children could play safely whilst their elders lounged in deckchairs.

Come the changing sea levels and a need to update our harbour.

The bungling began, what a disaster, closing up the north and south tidal access and a groyne erected in the wrong place and never rectified and with rubbish washed down Roxby beck coupled with silt unable to get washed out to sea and seaweed coming in unable to get washed out again, we have what we have today.

Oh they come occasionally and clear up the seaweed and anything else lying on the beach and what do they do with it, tip it behind the south pier where it promptly washes back in at the first high tide.

Yes something must be done to alleviate this nasty mess and allow children and adults to enjoy our small but picturesque beach and harbour.

However thank you once again for highlighting this dreadful situation perhaps someone will take note and use some common sense on this issue. We need more people like you to voice their opinions.

Mrs W Craig, Cliff Road, Staithes