Helredale haven’t given up the fight

I’ve just been inspired to write this piece, I hope that you can publish it in the Whitby Gazette...

It’s 7 o’clock, the sun is just setting and sky is ablaze with the lovely colours of an autumn sunset as I sit at my computer looking out over a green field.

A small boy runs onto the field, followed by a man with a push chair, his dad I think.

They’ve got a kite, in the simple shape of a bird.

Dad hands the kite string to the little boy and walks away from him until he’s gone far enough to launch the kite into the air.

And away it goes, just sufficient wind to hold it up there, with the little boy controlling it.

Dad walks over to the pushchair and unfastens a little tot of a girl, she toddles over to the boy and he gets down on his knees to let her hold the kite string.

Both of them are entranced, controlling the flying kite until it takes a sudden nosedive to the ground.

Dad runs to set the kite off into the air again.

Fifteen minutes later and they are still enjoying themselves flying the kite, then someone lets go of the string and the kite makes a dash for freedom, frantically followed by dad who manages to catch up with it as son launches himself into a rugby attack to land on his dad as well the string.

The sky darkens, they pick up the kite and saunter happily off the field, the little one toddling alongside dad with the pushchair.

It’s the simple things in life that are so good, a dad makes time to take his children out to play with a kite, they all enjoy each other’s company, the children go home to get ready for bed after enjoying the fresh air and exercise.

Everyone benefits, even those of us just watching out of our windows, seeing the kite soaring in the sky like a bird.

The scene could be set anywhere, it could even be being replayed on another playing field in another town.

Where, I wonder, will families be able to play like this in the future, as our green spaces rapidly disappear under bricks and mortar?

And it’s served to reinforce to me just why we’re fighting so hard to keep our much-loved playing field for the purpose it was intended for all those years ago by the Whitby Urban District Council.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this really happened on Helredale Playing Field, and we haven’t given up the fight, we’re just getting ready for the next stage of the battle.

Finally, to the unknown Dad who took his family out onto the field tonight I salute you, you’re a shining example of parenthood, and I wish many more would follow your example.

Viv Wright by email