Heartache and distress over stolen wallet

can I possibly do an appeal via your letters page please?

It is a warning to the residents of whitby to keep a close check on their wallets/purses.

My dad took my 93 year old grandma shopping in her wheelchair in Whitby on Monday. Unknown to them my dad had his pockets picked.

How anyone can steal from anyone let alone a retired person pushing a wheelchair is beyond me.

Not only was a large amount of money taken (obviously I know this is long gone) but in the wallet was my dad’s first payslip from when he was a lad, special photos and other sentimental things of no use to anyone else.

If this could be handed in somewhere I would be eternally grateful.

My dad has worked hard all his working life, do these people realise the heartache and considerable distress their actions cause?

Thank you very much.

Paula Thompson, Low Farm, Littlebeck, by email