Heart attack? Call an ambulance!

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I read with great interest your article in the on-line Gazette about Steve Wadsworth and his heart attack.

As one who has suffered from severe heart attacks resulting in damage to the heart causing ventricular tachycardia (YT) I would like to make a couple of comments.

Steve was lucky in that he finally recognised the symptoms for what they were but was also extremely foolish in driving himself to casualty.

Here in Melbourne, Ambulance Paramedics stress the importance of calling the ambulance as they are able to administer treatment on the spot.

Steve’s action in driving himself could have resulted in other people being injured if he had suffered another attack whilst driving himself.

I ended up with a quadruple by-pass and a pace-maker/defibrillator being implanted, but thanks to the medical teams of Melbourne’s Austin Hospital am still around today.

Good on you Steve for your charity night but, remember mate, it’s better to call an Ambulance.

A grateful grumpy old man from Melbourne but proud to be Whitby born and bred

Stephen N McCabe, Melbourne, Australia