Health and safety mad

How on earth did we all manage to use the chalets and walk along the beach front safely, before the railings were installed?

Perhaps we haven’t gone far enough and we should all be wearing buoyancy aids before going on the beach?

Anyone wishing to walk on the coastal path should maybe be wearing hard hats, high viz jackets and be clipped onto a safety wire at all times .

As for the tour of Whitby on the open top bus, clearly there should be theme park style clamps on the upper deck to stop us falling out of our seats whilst the guide points out all the safety features the council have installed .

It surely won’t be long before the 199 steps to the abbey will be deemed unsafe and you will have to take a special shuttle bus to the top. Oh and don’t think of looking around the abbey, as it might fall down, you will have to stand behind the yellow line.

Welcome to Whitby everyone where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of rusty safety barrier, and where you are not encouraged to make sensible decisions of your own, and certainly not have any fun.

If the council are that desperate to spend money on improving the area, maybe they could revamp the toilets at the bottom of the Khyber pass were ecosystems yet undiscovered by man lurk. Or perhaps we could have more dog wardens to help tackle the dreadful mess issue. Or perhaps they could make it easier for small businesses to move into the area so we don’t have empty shops.

One good use for the railings - strap whoever is responsible for their installation to them.