Health and safety joke

I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke when I read people have found a reason to complain about Whitby’s beautiful cobbles.

I believe in (genuine) health and safety but this kind of silliness makes a joke of it.

I can’t speak for the disabled, but I’ve pushed prams, accompanied elderly walkers and toddlers across cobbles with never any problems, but then, we weren’t looking for any.

I don’t wear high-heels, but if I did I’d accept responsibility rather than demand flooring be altered to suit my choice of footwear - and I’ve never seen any Goths take a tumble in their stacked boots

I really hope the cobbles don’t get replaced, especially with ugly slippy tarmac, although that would certainly make it easier for speeding cars.

There’s surely better things to spend money on, like preserving Whitby’s character rather than thinking up daft excuses to spoil it.

Ann Dutton, Slinn Street, Sheffield by email

PS: Yes we do have a few cobbled streets left in Sheffield and they make the hills easier to drive on when it’s icy!