Health and safety gone mad

Last week we read in a national newspaper of a volunteer-run charity shop in Devon that was having to close because the volunteers were not filling in the risk assessments correctly and health and safety said they would have to take on a manager to do this whose wages would be practically as much as the shop made.

Now we see that this Empire building department is causing the council to have to spend £115,000 of our money to replace the perfectly good railings on the new bridge which have been there for 30 years without incident .

In these stringent times it would seem to be a better idea to get rid of this overblown bunch of clowns thereby saving even more money. I feel that citizens should be encouraged to contact their MPs to do just that before there is nothing left in the country that this pompous, self important, power hungry department haven’t poked their noses into.

CE Dalquen, Ruswarp Lane, Whitby by email