Have faith in this area

I fully appreciate that times are very difficult for local newspapers nowadays and you have to maximise your revenue wherever you can.

But 24 pages of holidays?

I bought Tuesday 25th’s paper specifically to look for the results of a court case that I ‘knew’ would be in there. My 45 pence bought me just four pages of hard news out of 56.

The fishing supplement was legitimate, and I was delighted to read that the local MP, Robert Goodwill, has put his own money behind the Coronia. But where’s the report of a very interesting court verdict last week?

Maybe I’m odd — I have no interest in foreign holidays, having been fortunate enough to discover the East Cleveland and Whitby area 40 years ago and make a new home here. Our last ‘holiday’ was a night in Dunsley Hall to mark a milestone birthday, and I’d rather see 24 pages featuring our attractions than an advertising supplement encouraging readers (many of whom are from outside the area, don’t forget) to jet off elsewhere.

Have faith in your district.

Graham Aldous, Moorsholm