Hare brained schemes

As a taxpayer I should like to know how is it that the people who work for the National Park Authority have so much influence over our local affairs, as none of them are democratically elected to their positions.

They managed to delay the construction of the much needed park and ride facility and I think I am right in saying it is not within their boundary.

Regarding the derogatory remarks on the proposed potash mine, I should think there are many people who, like me, will remember the similar outcry when it was announced that the early warning station was to be erected at Fylingdales.

I am still waiting to see or hear of any pheasants/sheep being fried by same or for that matter any palm or other exotic plants growing in the rays from said station, which we were told would happen, by the so-called experts at the time, as was reported by the Yorkshire Post and other newspapers.

Regarding the waste from the mine, could it not be used to eliminate some of the death traps on our local roads such as Pond Hill on the Scarborough road and the hidden dips on the Guisborough road etc?

Another comment I would like to make is regarding all the trees which are bng planted on good agricultural pasture land which in time will be needed for the production of food.

I hope people realise we are the ones who fund this and other hare brained schemes of theirs.

R Stonehouse, Birch Grove, Sleights