Harbour members secretive

I refer to your article in today’s Whitby Gazette (13 September).

As one of two Whitby town councillors evicted from the Harbour Consultative Meeting, may I correct your reporter’s assertion that we had received a letter from Tony Hornigold inviting us to attend the meeting.

Our understanding that meetings were open to interested parties arose from Mr Hornigold’s public statements that he wished, without reserve, to involve the public in the consultation process.

In the spirit of this and other public statements from Harbour Board members, Dennis Collins and I went to the consultative meeting to observe the process.

I can only comment that our treatment at the hands of Brian Bennett, Scarborough Borough Council’s Head of Tourism and Culture and members of the harbour staff was most certainly undeserved and ill conceived.

I must ask, what have they got to hide?

Ian Havelock by email