Harbour board questions

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Regarding the article ‘Impound is a bad idea’, in the Gazette, 15 June, I wonder if someone at the harbour board could answer some questions.

1 Parking: 250 plus extra berths will probably mean somewhere in the region of 200 plus extra vehicles trying to park in the marina car park. This is already over crowded at peak times and the situation has not been improved by the recent resurfacing and lining, which has reduced the number of spaces. What provision will be made for the extra cars?

2) Traffic flow through the town and over the swing bridge: When it is opened for boats at peak times, traffic in Whitby comes to a halt, presumably there will be 250 plus boats will wanting to get out to sea, resulting in the swing bridge being open for longer. What effect will this have on Whitby traffic?

3) Toilet and washing/showering facilities: 250 plus extra berths means, at a conservative estimate, probably an extra 500 people requiring those facilities. What provision is going to be made for them?

4) Dinghies: People will need them to get to their boats, probably one to each boat, where will they be stored?

5) Flooding: The area around the harbour can, admittedly under exceptional conditions, suffer from flooding. If it were not for the estuary up to Ruswarp forming a flood reservoir, this would happen more often. If the area above the proposed weir is maintained at 3.5 metres - (ie this area is already half full since incoming tides are usually 5.5 - 6m) where will the extra water go on occasion when high tides are raised ever further by low pressure, onshore winds, etc, especially when this coincides with a period of heavy rainfall. You can put two gallons of water in a two gallon bucket - but if you try to do this when the bucket is already half full, you have a problem. Bearing in mind also that we are continually being warned of increasing sea levels!

Finally, does Whitby need the extra berths?

I am told that the waiting list at present is about 60. Surely a far better solution would be to improve and develop Tate Hill, which would accommodate the number of boats at considerably less cost, also, being berthed below the bridge, they would be able to get to sea without increasing bridge opening periods

JM Smith, High Street, Hinderwell