Gulls do not attack human beings

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Why does not Roy Corner try starving himself and he will then know what it feels like.

He needs to have a ‘bird of prey’ after him and he’ll know what that feels like too.

“Gulls are active predators and will exploit and learn from any opportunity to get food” Mr Corner writes. So would he if he was starving hungry.

I have never, ever witnessed these wonderful, white as show creatures of gliding grace and intelligence, attacking a human being.

They would not, could not, be less bothered. Too nice, too proud.

But somebody walking along chucking chips into their big mouths where a row of starving seagulls are perched, who is at fault? But I have never ever seen a seagull attack, however hungry.

I have never, ever been attacked by a seagull, although I am always pleased to share my breakfast, lunch and tea with them, especially the poor starving young in the freezing cold winter time - Scarborough Borough Council should continue culling the eggs, act before, not after.

Mr Corner writes: “Herring gulls may be low in number but they are hardly on the endangered list so I cannot see why they are protected.”

Because they are ‘nice’. One simple word.

Whitby would not be Whitby without them.

Caroline Jelaffke, Rose and Crown Yard, Whitby