Gulls are vultures and should not be fed

I am writing in answer to Caroline Jelaffke’s letter that seagulls do not attack people.

Well that is a load of tripe. Both my husband and I have seen them attack humans and not because they were being fed at the time.

One man just went out into his own back garden and a young lady got attacked on the bridge while she was just walking here a week or so ago.

These birds will not starve, they are vultures. They will just about eat anything. They have survived for hundreds of years.

If they were living on the cliffs, their right area, they would catch the fish themselves and suck like. People would not need to feed them at all and should not do so now.

There are far too many of these vultures and I think their eggs should be collected and served up in restaurants.

These are my views

Jean Thornton, Church Street, Whitby