Guardian angel

We have been trying to say a proper thank you to the owner of a Land Rover V845 GNC since 24 December.

He rescued us at Sleights, we got stuck going up the hill and then turned around in the really bad weather on Christmas Eve, we were told to turn left at the bottom of the hill and were told to then try left again which was blocked off by the police. the weather was horrific when our guardian angel came along, he told us to follow him and he would get us over Danger Bank.

We had never heard of this before and he got us through by towing us, pushing us and digging us out. What a wonderful man, we were going on holiday for a week in a cottage, the car was fully loaded, the dog was in her cage and we would have been absolutely lost without this man.

He never gave me us his name but he was definitely our guardian that day.

If you could print this then perhaps someone might recognise his number and thank him for us.

Many thanks for your help.

Joyce Sims, King John’s Road, Clipstone, Mansfield